Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bread Guy

I was disappointed to learn that the "Bread Guy" will no longer be on the square in downtown Newark. I am referring to Great Harvest Bread and Thomas Campbell. I met Thomas a couple of years ago at our Farmers Market. He would have people lined up waiting for his arrival each week. One Friday he asked me if I had time to show him around downtown. We looked at several spaces that I knew were available and before long the "Free Slices" sign was a fixture on South Park Place.

When Thomas informed me that he was closing his store at the end of July, I could tell he hated to have to make that decision. He loves our downtown. He enjoys looking out his store window at the courthouse and considers himself fortunate to have been here for a short period of time. I will certainly miss Great Harvest Bread and Thomas. He will continue to operate his store in Pickerington. You can still catch the "Bread Guy" every Friday at the Farmers Market through the first Friday in October.

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