Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back In the Old Days...

Let's be honest. The staff at the Chamber decided that living "back in the old days" without electricity isn't very appealing to us. Yes, we are spoiled. And yes, there are many others who have it worse off than we did. We were only without power three days. No big deal really - just more of an inconvenience.

I decided to have a staff meeting on Tuesday morning (day 3 without power) at the Chamber in the one room that was filled with natural light. Funny thing was that several of us automatically tried to turn on light switches, thought about using the microwave and a couple discussed bringing their hair tools (blow dryer and curling iron) to work to use since their power was off at home. Somehow the concept of no power at the Chamber didn't sink in. We are just so accustomed to using electricity that we don't know how to act when it is not available.

Thanks to all of you who drove by countless times to check on the Chamber to see if we had "lights". It's nice to know we have others looking out for us.

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