Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now It's Aluminum

As I walked into work this morning, I could tell instantly something was up. I asked "What's Wrong?" and found the answer just outside the back door to my office. It was a pile of bent downspouts from our building. We had some visitors last night that stripped all but one of the downspouts and must have been scared off and left the pile behind. The police informed me that the new thing to steal now is aluminum. It isn't worth as much as copper, but it does have some value. He also told me that this is happening all over town.

When I asked for any suggestions to prevent this from happening again, he just said to make sure there is sufficient lighting all around the building and that it is in good working condition. He said the "visitors" will probably be back to collect the downspouts they left. Too bad for them - we plan on turning them in ourselves to help pay for our insurance deductible.

Beware - he said this is happening not only businesses, but to homes as well. Especially those under foreclosure which look empty.

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