Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Images and the Internet

I just returned from a trip to Nashville where I visited the headquarters of Journal Communications, publisher of our Images magazine. They now have over 130 publications across the US and Canada and have 90+ employees. It was a great trip. I thought I would share some good lines I heard over the last two days:

"Find the good - and praise it" - Alex Haley

"No one loves you or your money more than Southwest Airlines"

"Be on their case and in their face"

"Boardroom Community vs. Bedroom Community"

"Quality of Place instead of Quality of Life"

"This success was a Happy Accident"

Statistics to Think About

  • Out of the 6.7 billion people in the world, 1.46 billion use the internet

  • 337 million people in North American use the internet (73%)

  • There are over 105 million websites which include 30 billion pages

  • In March of 2008, 11.5 billion videos were viewed online

  • 96% of 9 - 17 year olds have used social networking on the internet

  • 71% of them use it weekly

  • Facebook has over 60 million active users and add 250,000 new accounts per day

  • MySpace has over 110 million users with 300,00 new accounts per day

  • 84% of people who use social networking are 18 years or older

Thanks Journal for a wonderful opportunity!

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