Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reality Check

I have three daughters, ages 13, 11 and 6. I decided to surprise my first grader today and show up to eat lunch with her at school. She was happy and we had a nice visit. During our lunch I was sitting among all these young children and was asked a bunch of questions including my age. I didn't answer. My daughter looks up at me and said "mom, she asked you a question". So I look at the child and asked what the questions was, pretending like I didn't hear it the first time. So she asked me again and before I had a chance to answer, my daughter shouts out "39". Hearing that, the little girl said "Wow. You are older than my mom AND my dad". Love those first graders.

I then waited 15 minutes to see my middle daughter. She walks through the door to the lunch area and looks at me and asks why I am there. I politely tell her that I came to eat lunch with her younger sister and thought she might want me to eat lunch with her too. She looks at me, and without hesitation, says "No". Gotta love those fifth graders too.


Anonymous said...

Ouch!! But at least you were there and they both know it. Good for you.

LancerMom5 said...