Sunday, November 23, 2008

National Grumble Day

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near, we often start thinking about things and people we are thankful for. There are many reasons why I adore Thanksgiving: family, food and fun are just some of my reasons, which I will blog about in detail this week. But this morning a question and suggestion were thrown out at church from David Faust, President of Cincinnati Christian University who gave the message.

He asked us to ponder why we act so thankful only one day of the year, instead of 365 days. He said that if that is our way of thinking, then we should have National Grumble Day, where we get to complain and moan and grumble for one day, then switch back to being thankful the other 364 days. Interesting concept. Just think how nice it would be not to hear ourselves and the people around us complaining but only one day a year.

I'm all for it. Bet the greeting card companies will be too.

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MsTexV said...

What a great concept. Real gratitude can keep you grounded. Life is short enjoy it.