Friday, April 10, 2009

12 Things To Do On My "Day Off"

The Chamber is closed today, for Good Friday, so I had the "day off". I thought that meant sleeping in and relaxing. I was wrong. Here is what I had to do today:

  1. Go to work to drop something off and check messages

  2. Stop at coffee shop

  3. Go to bank

  4. Go to New Day Spa to get a gift for my mother for Easter

  5. Get oil changed in Stang

  6. Go to Giant Eagle to get groceries for Easter meal

  7. Go to JC Penny to get hair products for teenage daughter

  8. Go to Indian Mound Mall to get gift card for teenage daughter's friend

  9. Go pick up teenage daughter and take her to friend's house

  10. Go pick up last minute items for Easter at Walmart

  11. Go back to JC Penny Salon to get hair cut

  12. Color eggs (and hands) with kids, which made me forget about the previous 11 items

Enjoy the Easter holiday.

1 comment:

Mary "Lisa" Stewart said...

This sounds incredibly familiar! Lisa