Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Takes A Team To Build Success

I think it started out being Secretaries Day. I can remember being taken to lunch by my boss, along with his boss and his secretary. It was a day to thank secretaries for all their hard work and dedication. It then became Administrative Assistant's Day. Same idea, just politically correct title I guess. Now it is called Administrative Assistant's Week, which happens to be this week.

Moundbuilders Country Club has offered a buffet lunch to Chamber members for this "holiday" for the past three years. Today I treated my staff to lunch there. As I looked around the room at the other tables, I couldn't help but notice that many businesses were treating more than an Administrative Assistant to lunch. Just like them, I know the value of having an excellent team, which includes everyone, not just one member.

I want to publicly thank my team: Mandy Rector, Vicky Crist, Lois Ridgley and Jennifer McDonald for making the Chamber a top-notch organization. You're the best!

And by the way, I hope you are thanking your employees throughout the year for their hard work - not just during this week!

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ChamberFan said...

And Cheri remember you did this while you were sick!! Shows how dedicated to us and the Chamber. Another reason we like to honor you during Bosses Day/Week. Thank you!