Monday, May 11, 2009

Making Memories

There are certain songs that I hear or places that I visit that instantly remind me of someone or something from my past. Sometimes it can even be a certain smell. It is interesting to me how my mind works. My husband laughs at me because he will say "remember when we went ..." and I don't remember at all, but drive past a Cross Country Inn and I can tell you the construction order or number it was assigned (I worked in the Construction Department of Cross County Inn Corporate Office for a while in my early 20's). There are just certain things that are forever etched in my mind.

Last month my husband and daughter went to a youth conference with our church. He went as a chaperon and had to drive 6 teenage girls 3 hours each way. He told me an interesting story about what another church does on every youth conference they attend. Every Jr. high trip they take, the seniors pick out a song for the trip and that is the only song that is played. Think about that for a moment. Three hours in a van with teenagers and only one song is played over and over and over again - and the same song is on for the entire trip back too. Why do they do this? They told my husband that they do it to create a lasting memory, so that no matter when they hear that song in their lives, they will always remember that trip.

I try to create good memories for my family, friends and staff. For me, the goal is that after I am long gone, I can still put a smile on their face from a memory I created with them. As the saying goes, people won't remember things you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.

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Kim said...

Cheri- Alex and I drove to Hilton Head together--hubby flew in from a business trip. We too heard the same song,"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. Now, a few years later whenever we hear that song, we're reminded of the 10 hours we spent in the car together. Mother and son. Hearing that song makes me smile every time. The rest is still unwritten...