Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Measure Of A Man

Below is a poem written for the late Howard E. LeFevre:

The Measure Of A Man
by Patricia Myer Moffitt
What is the measure of a man when we sum up his life?
Is it the money that he makes or how he copes with strife?
Is it the loving role he plays as father and as mate?
Or is it the community that he helps to create?
Is it the many charities that he contributes to?
Or is it that all who know him can count him to be true?
Is it his wit and intellect that makes them seek him out?
Or the grasp of many subjects that he can talk about?
Is it his enthusiasm for projects that will last -
For history and improvements that link up with the past?
Or is it a sense of future that oft propels his mind,
That prompt people to say of him, "He's sure one of a kind!"
Or is it his belief in God, his prayers that touch the heart?
To know that he's a friend of God and doesn't act a part.
It might be just his caring ways that people notice most,
Or maybe it's his thoughtfulness or charm at being host.
Then there's his generosity (we must not leave that out).
As gentleman he wins the prize. There isn't any doubt.
Not many men could claim all these but one I now will name:
Howard LeFevre fills the bill. In life he's won the game!

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