Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Turn At Bat

I just spent the last 33 minutes listening to a 92 year-old woman on the phone who I don't know, but who made my day. She began the conversation by telling me that just returned from her doctor and that: "I'm going to die. Old age sucks." She went on to tell me her long work history and how she looked the other way at some wrong doings years ago, but now wanted to tell someone about them. I guess she needed a clear conscience.

She jumped around from subject to subject, but was knowledgeable in all areas. She got on the topic of politics and said she watches C-SPAN and began telling me about an investigation on U.S. Regulators and banks and wall street. She ended the topic by saying "How in the hell did some of these people get elected to Congress Cheri?"

She is a woman who believes in karma, and told me that all the bad things that have happened to her in this life are because she "screwed up good" in another life. She said that she believes that this life is really about having "another turn at bat", or another chance to grow spiritually.

As I sat and listened to all her life stories I thought to myself - I hope I am full of that kind of enthusiasm for life at 92. Before we hung up, she asked me if I invest in the stock market and said she had a tip for me. She said she has been investing for years - all on her own and has picked all the stock herself and is doing pretty well. Her tip was to invest in railroad. She said it it is coming back strong.

There you have it. Life lessons and a stock tip all in a 30 minute conversation. It pays to answer the phone, even if you don't have caller ID.

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