Monday, June 15, 2009

How Hungry Are You?

I have been reading The Big Idea by Donny Deutsch and he has mentioned several times throughout the book about being hungry. And he wasn't referring to food. He was talking about the entrepreneurial hunger some have that drives them to success.

I have a perfect example of something that happened to me today. I have been looking for a speaker for our Annual Membership/Awards Dinner and had a referral from someone who I heard speak at an Ohio Chamber event. When I called him today, I asked if it was a good time for him and I to talk for a few minutes (he knew I would be calling sometime this week). He said he was just sitting down for breakfast and would I mind calling him back in the next day or two? Now this man gets paid to speak. He didn't even offer to call me back. Clearly, he wasn't hungry.

So what did I do? I went on down the list to the next person. I called him and got his voice mail, so I left a detailed message. Within the hour, he called back and gladly accepted on the phone right then and there. I asked if he need to confirm and get back with me since he was on his cell phone, but he said he is in and is looking forward to it. He was hungry for the opportunity to tell his story to our members. His name is Steve Baldzicki with Big Fish Networking.

Do you see the difference?

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