Friday, June 19, 2009

Kudos to Aldridge-Mead Chiropractic

This week the Chamber was recognized by Aldridge-Mead Chiropractic, Inc. They delivered a basket full of granola bars and a tray of fruit for us to have for breakfast. Their note just said that they "appreciated us". What a pleasant surprise. I was told that this is something they do each week.

Also included with all the goodies was an envelope with some information on what to do when someone has been involved in an automobile accident. It also included some samples of BIOFREEZE, an instant pain reliever that you apply to the skin. It is good for arthritis, sore muscles & joints and back pain.

But what impressed me the most were the four Gift Certificates also included. They were for a free case history, consultation and examination. It also included a report of the findings. It went on to read: "A suggested donation of $25.00 to "Heartbeats of Licking County" would be appreciated." What a nice gesture. Not only did they waive the initial fee, but they asked for a donation to a worthy non-profit organization.

They deserve a gold star. Very nice job!

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