Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"We the Taxpayers"

Guest Blog today from Pritzker from AZ:

An open letter to all my taxpayer friends:

As you know, when you enter the world of business, it is required that employees behave thoughtfully towards each other and of course their customers. After all, customers do sign our checks. That’s why it is alarming to see how some of our legislators behave. I AM tired of state and federal legislators ignoring the taxpayers. They apparently don’t care what “we the people” think about their performance.

Now for the good news, because some of our “law-makers” are more devoted to their own personal agenda than to their constituents, it doesn’t mean we the taxpayer should not seek upgrading to a more suitable model. I ask taxpayers to keep that in mind the next time you have a concern you want addressed and yet all you receive is a letter from your legislator stating, “Not in my jurisdiction.” That my taxpayer friend is the normal response - true or not. Kind of like getting an insurance settlement paid.. They first stamp the paper work in bold red letters with the words, DENIED whether you are entitled to a settlement or not. Keep that in mind next time you vote. Pritzker, AZ >To READ more from this blogger, please visit my site at

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