Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Beautiful View

What a unique view of the Licking County Courthouse. This shot was taken by one of our newest members, Jace Delgado, owner of JRD Photography. He used a Canon 600mm f4L lens from approximately 7 miles away.
A beautiful shot Jace. Nice work.
Update: To view more shots of the Courthouse, check out the Chamber page on Facebook.


Jeff Gill said...

From Mt. Calvary Cemetery on Rt. 13, right? The knowledge that's the fiberglas landfill behind and to the right takes some of the glow off of it, but it's a fascinating view regardless.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!!!! Does he do family photographs?

Cheri Hottinger said...

Jeff - I'm not sure, but that's where we think it was taken from.

Tracy - I'm sure he does. His focus is weddings though.

Jace Delgado said...

Jace here. and yes I do about 4000 family portraits a year....would love to add more to the list. weddings is also on my high list.
Mt Calvary on 13....yep you guessed it.
Good job Jeff.

Jace Delgado said...

Yes it was taken from Mt Calvary.
And yes I do provide family photos...all year long. In the Summer quite a bit in my Florida office and in the Spring and Fall I do many in Ohio when all all is just right weather wise.
If you know of anyone interested let me know.