Monday, August 3, 2009

Support For Newark City School Levies

The Education Community Support Group Community Capitalism recently compiled results of a survey the community was asked to participate in through the Newark Advocate. There were a total of 331 Licking County residents who responded to the survey.

The report entitled "Support of the Levies for Newark City Schools" contains the information provided by 134 Newark respondents. Although the number of respondents is not large enough to be considered a valid representation of the voting population in the Newark City School district, it does contain useful information that can be used in planning for future levies.

Here are some interesting facts listed in the report:

  • Of the 43 respondents who indicated that they currently have students in the Newark City School system, 81% said they typically vote YES on levies.
  • 76% of the respondents who have children in private schools typically vote NO.

Top reasons given for voting NO:

  1. Money wasted or not spent responsibly
  2. My child is in private school or home schooled
  3. School administration is done poorly
  4. I cannot afford/fixed income
  5. The quality of schools is poor

Top reasons given for voting YES:

  1. To assure that kids get high quality education that they deserve
  2. To improve the community and/or attract citizens and businesses
  3. Education is important and critical to our kids and our future
  4. My responsibility as a citizen and a graduate of NCS
  5. State funding is not adequate

I want to thank the Community Capitalism Education Community Support Group for preparing this informative report. To view the complete report, go here.

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