Saturday, September 12, 2009

Farmer's Market

I stopped by the Downtown Newark Farmer's Market yesterday and picked up some tomatoes, apples, pumpkins and really good sea salt and pepper chips. I admit, it was the first time I visited the market this season. Vicky Crist, the 'Market Master', and her 'gang' do an outstanding job running this market.

There are only two Friday's left for this Market. I suggest you take some time to visit. It is open from 3 - 7 on Friday's and is located next to McDonald's on the square in downtown Newark.

In one of Nicholas Bate's mini-books called How to think like... he lists How to think like...The guy at the Farmer's Market:

  1. Absolutely: hand-picked.
  2. Definitely: no added ingredients.
  3. Certainly: organic through and through.
  4. No: just me and my family. My grandfather helps sometimes in the orchard.
  5. Of course: here every Friday.
  6. Let me wrap those for you-these are re-cycled paper bags, of course.
  7. Thank you: please tell your friends!

So stop by the Farmer's Market and meet the many vendors who think like this!

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