Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Are Right

I remember my first job. I was 16. I went to work for Cardinal Supermarket. I was a cashier. Back in "those days" we didn't have a scanner. Every item had to be entered individually, with the price and the department number. I enjoyed that job. I can remember one time after I had completed the order (I think there were two full bags of food - the brown paper bags, that is), the customer said that she was sure I had made a mistake because the bill was too high. So, I had to take every item out of the bag and ring up the entire order again.

Why did I do this? Because I was taught that:
  1. The customer is always right
  2. If customer is wrong, go back and read #1.

I learned a valuable lesson working there. It is important to try to please your customers, no matter how much time it may take out of your day. That doesn't mean that you should allow your customers to take advantage of you, but you can and should try to make an unhappy customer happy.

There is a good post about just that on Seth's Blog today.

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