Saturday, October 10, 2009

20 Fav

If you are anything like me, then you enjoy finding some good blogs to read. Sometimes I find them by seeing who and what my favorite bloggers are reading. They will usually link to them in their posts or list them somewhere on their page. Other times I just do a search on a specific topic and end up finding a few that I enjoy.

So here is the contents of my "Fav" folder. Hope you find at least one new one to check out.

  1. Nicholas Bate

  2. Cultural Offering

  3. Patrick Guanciale
  4. Mark's Blog

  5. Seth's Blog

  6. Community Capitalism

  7. Indexed

  8. Chris Brogan

  9. Execupundit

  10. Founding Bloggers

  11. Geek In Disguise

  12. View From The Ledge

  13. mattrutherfordDotcom

  14. Problogger

  15. Cooking School Confidential

  16. 1,ooo Rules For My Unborn Son

  17. 2blowhards

  18. Kyle Sisk

  19. QAspire

  20. Giant Impact

UPDATE: Thanks for the mention Nicholas Bate.


Patrick Guanciale said...

Thank you for placing my blog in the your "20 Fav". I feel important.

Cheri Hottinger said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It is indeed one of my favorites!

Cultural Offering said...

Thanks for putting me on your list, Cheri.

Cheri Hottinger said...

Of course Cultural Offering is on my fav list! It is through you that I found several of those on this list. Thank you.

Tanmay Vora said...

That's an amazing list and I am honored to be in such an elite company.

Thank you for including my blog QAspire in your FAV 20.cark

Cheri Hottinger said...

Tanmay - You are welcome and QAspire certainly deserves a spot on my fav list.

Matt Rutherford said...

Honoured to be in your list - your blog has become a 'must check' for me in the last few weeks...

Thanks for the mention!

Cheri Hottinger said...

Thanks Matt. I enjoy your blog as well and look forward to your interesting posts.

Jeff said...

Please accept my thanks as well. I'm always a bit surprised - and humbled - when I find out that someone is actually reading the things that I'm throwing out into the ether!

Cheri Hottinger said...

Jeff - I like the variety of your postings. It makes me wonder what you will write about next. Nice job.