Saturday, October 31, 2009

25 Tips To Improve The Conditions Of All

I recently asked the United Way about volunteer opportunities for youth, specifically for the National Junior Honor Society at my daughter's school. They are required to have a certain amount of community service hours each quarter. They provided me with this wonderful list:

*Note: You don't have to be a "youth" to do some of these items. Get started today!

1. Start an anti-tobacco/drug/
alcohol campaign at your school.

2. Plant a garden and donate the
harvest to a group or person in

3. Get some friends together and
clean up your neighborhood.

4. Clean out your closet and donate
your old clothes or toys.

5. Start a canned food, glove,
sock, coat, etc. drive.

6. Make a “feel good” jar for a
friend- write nice things on small
pieces of paper, put them in the jar
and give the jar to a friend.

7. Volunteer for a favorite teacher
at your school.

8. Collect and donate items to the
humane society- cat toys, scoopable
litter and hard plastic dog toys.
Or make and donate dog biscuits!

9. Check out books, CD’s and
videos from the library instead of
buying them. Donate the savings!

10. Ask your parents to buy
environmentally friendly cleaning
products– or make your own!

11. Become a foster parent for a cat
or dog.

12. Offer to baby-sit without pay for a
family in your neighborhood.

13. Make a get well card for
someone who is sick.

14. Get CPR and First-Aid Certified.

15. Adopt a grandparent– offer to
help with yard or house work.

16. Bake cookies for a neighbor or
shut-in. Visit with them when you
deliver the cookies!

17. Volunteer to feed the homeless.

18. Go on a money hunt and
donate the proceeds.

19. Explore wildlife in your neighborhood
and learn how to protect the

20. With your parents, check your
home for energy efficiency. Make
some changes based on what you

21. Donate a bag of fruit or candy to a
local shelter for an upcoming

22. Organize a car wash, dog
wash, yard sale or other fundraiser
and donate the proceeds.

23. Help a friend or younger child
with school work, start a peer
tutoring program, or read to
younger children at your school.

24. Make baby blankets or lap
blankets for the elderly.

25. Make first-aid kits for your
family and friends.

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