Sunday, October 25, 2009

The ER

As I write this I am sitting in the ER at Licking Memorial Hospital. No, I do not have the swine flu; just a swollen ankle that I can't put any weight on. I fought with myself over the decision to come here tonight because I figured the wait would be long and there would be a bunch of sick people around. I was right on both counts. I have now been here for over two hours (I am still in the waiting area, although x-rays have been taken) and am surrounded by people coughing, toddlers puking and many are wrapped in blankets.

I actually feel a bit guilty around all these sick people, but I'm not about to leave now. I have been to this new ER a couple of times before and I still have the same opinion - it is nice. The staff working tonight and the other times I have been here are very nice and helpful. I can only imagine the amount of hours they are putting in these days. But they certainly don't show any signs of it.

Kudos to the staff at LMH. It's no wonder why they were named The Best Place To Work.

UPDATE: Been waiting now for almost 4 hours. I hope I am next on the list!

RESULT: I am now wearing a lovely air cast. Bad sprain. Nothing like waiting for six hours to hear that news. Oh well. Could be much worse!

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