Friday, October 16, 2009

Heath Traffic Cameras

In our October survey, we asked our members about the traffic cameras in Heath. Here are the results:

1. Are you supportive of the traffic cameras in Heath?
  • 57% YES
  • 43% NO

2. Have the cameras changed your driving habits?

  • 66% YES
  • 34% NO

3. Have the cameras changed your commute route?

  • 23% YES
  • 77% NO

4. Have the cameras changed where you do your shopping?

  • 29% YES
  • 71% NO

5. IF you own or work for a business that is located in Heath, how have your sales been since the installation of the cameras?

  • 71% Stayed the same
  • 25% Decreased
  • 3% Increased

Although there are too many comments to list, here are a few:

  • I live in Heath and wish to have a safer community and this would happen if everybody would just SLOW DOWN and obey the existing speed limits.
  • Simple, stay under 45 mph
  • I'm very grateful for these cameras. If they can stop people from running red lights and save only ONE life...they are worth it!
  • I rarely go to that area now...just because it makes me nervous. I have always followed the speed limit prior and do not run red lights, but the cameras can make mistakes and I do not care to pay a fine for that.
  • I only drive on Rt. 79 when there is no other choice.
  • My driving habits have been changed because everyone now drives 24 mph instead of 35 mph.
  • Another tax on the working class. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.
  • I think the cameras have helped the slowing down of speeding cars/trucks. I believe the safety of the traffic in Heath has improved...It is safer in Heath now, better than in the past years.
  • Keeping up with traffic now - - -means you drive the speed limit, not 45 mph.
  • I don't want Gov't in my face.
  • If someone changed their commute route because of the cameras it means they are now speeding on another road.
  • It's ridiculous not to shop at a good store because you need to obey the law.
  • Now patronize restaurants on 21st North.
  • I love to shop in Heath because I feel safe on the roads.
  • I try to avoid Rt. 79 if at all possible. The chance of getting "flashed" is always there.
  • I don't go to the mall anymore.
  • I try to pack my lunch instead of driving through Heath to get it.
  • I am not sure that the slow down in business is camera related.
  • Received several letters from customers stating that they will not shop or conduct business in Heath.
  • Our business does not appear to be affected by the cameras. Our growth rate for this year is ahead of last year.

Thanks to all who participated in the October survey.

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