Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life At Culinary School

Since I ended my personal blog, I no longer have a place to write some personal things that I like, or dislike or that I want to share with others. So from time to time, I will take advantage of this blog to do just that.

Tonight is one of those times.

I made it a goal to try and use Twitter more. So I have been conducting some searches and have increased the number of people I 'follow'. In one of my searches, I typed "love of cooking" and started following a few people that looked interesting to me. One of those is Cooking School Confidential. I was expecting to get some new recipes to try, but ended up finding a wonderful blog created by a writer who turned cooking school student.

She writes about her interaction with the different students, whom she has nicknames for, along with sharing her day-to-day experiences and yes, recipes. It was a great find for me. Thank you Twitter.

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