Saturday, October 17, 2009

Make The Call

This week we have been working on finalizing an event for next month which will give our members a preview of some great holiday gifts under $50 that can be purchased in Licking County. Jennifer and I divided up the list of exhibitors that we would like to participate and began making our calls.

After a particular call was made by Jennifer, she came into my office to tell me about it. (remember the purpose of the call was to invite this store to participate. It didn't cost them anything except their time that day and a door prize donation) The call went something like this:

" Hi ____. It's Jennifer with the Chamber. How are you today? No, actually I'm not calling about your membership dues. I am calling to give you an opportunity to showcase your new items for the holiday season" and she went on to give him all the details about the event.

He was happy that we asked him and agreed to participate. And after they had talked about all the details of the event, he then asked her if he could pay for his renewal membership dues over the phone, which he did right then, AND bought an ad on our website.

Lessons learned here are:
  1. It is extremely important to check-in with your customers/clients/members throughout the year. Don't let the only time you have any dialog with them be at renewal time. Our members hear personally from us at least every six months, but usually much more than that for the most part.

  2. Make it about THEM and not about YOU. I have read this over and over and have heard it many times at seminars. If your marketing and sales pieces are filled with information about you and what your company can do, you should consider replacing the words "I" and "we" with "you" and "your". People buy when there is an emotional connection to a product or a service.

  3. Just make the call. Even if you think they won't be interested, make the call. They can't say YES if they aren't asked.

There is nothing new and exciting about the above lessons, I know. But they are basic and simple. Anyone can do them.

And great job Jennifer!

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