Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health Care Alert!

An important message from the Ohio Chamber:

Members of the United States House of Representatives are expected to vote on a health care reform bill any day now. Having worked to combine three different proposals passed by different House committees, legislative leaders are hoping to pass legislation by weekend's end.

As the debate has heated up in recent months, it seems clear that while the current proposal in the U.S. House may cover more individuals, it will come at a significant cost to employers and taxpayers. Employers will be forced to pay more in taxes, pay stiff penalties for not meeting the level of coverage as required by the government and lose flexibility when it comes to offering benefits. As employers are seeing unsustainable increases in health care costs every year, this legislation would add more taxes and new penalties while doing nothing to reduce the underlying costs of health care.

There are certainly plenty of arguments for and against the proposed reform efforts, but one thing is certain; we need health care reform in this country that control costs, increase access and decrease the burden placed on employers and employees. Incentivizing quality of care and empowering consumers through the use of health care savings accounts are just two examples of common sense reforms that legislators should be considering - NOT throwing more money at a broken system.

That is why we need your help now! I STRONGLY URGE you to use one of our sample messages to contact your member of congress and ask them to VOTE NO on the Affordable Health Care for America Act that may be voted on in the next few days.Your voice will make a difference!Click the link below to log in and send your message:

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