Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Tough Girl

My 12-year-old daughter volunteers at a local veterinarian office. Today she witnessed her very first surgery. It was a knee surgery on a medium-sized dog.

Prior to the surgery, the doctor asked her if she was okay with blood, and she told him that she was. He asked her one more time, and she said she was sure.

As he made the incision and the blood started 'gushing out' (her words), she said the room got very hot and her stomach started to hurt. She told the doctor, "I'll be right back" and went to the restroom where she sat down and told herself that she could do this and that if she wanted to be a veterinarian, she would have to get used to this. (All of my 'suck it up and quit acting like a girl' lectures must be sinking in).

A few minutes later, she went back into the surgery room and the doctor began pointing everything out to her (bones, muscle, etc.- the thumamamous bone (her description)) and she stood beside him for the rest of the surgery, and felt very comfortable.

The doctor later told her that he has had many cases where people much older than her were standing next to him during a surgery and then all of a sudden he heard a big thud. He said she did a great job today.

When she came home, she said it was 'cool' and can't wait to see another surgery. I am a proud parent today. The power of positive thinking really can make a difference.

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