Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Social Media Blackout

This past week was an interesting test for me. I didn't blog for about a week. Didn't twitter either. No Facebook. No LinkedIn. So what on earth was I doing??

Enjoying life. Having fun with my friends and family. Reading.

And the world didn't stop because they didn't hear from me.

Today I checked up on a few of my favorite bloggers and they went on blogging, even without me reading and commenting on their stuff. Can you believe it?

Point is that life continues to happen - with or without you. But it is good to take small breaks away from things once in a while. You will survive and may have fresh new ideas when you return. Try it.


Anonymous said...

I did miss you and wondered where you were but thought you had a reason for no postings for a week. I almost wrote you an email to ask where you were, I thought about picking up the phone too today. I even thought that maybe I missed a posting that you had gone out of town and went back to check all media outlets, but no mention of going out of town. Glad you took time away and that you enjoyed it. Now I can sleep tonight. ha ha ha.... I may give it a try. Tp

Cheri Hottinger said...

Well I did take a short trip south. But I am back now.

Anonymous said...

How south woman?