Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Cautiously Optimistic"

The Licking County Manufacturer's Council met today, for their first meeting in the new year. As they went around the room to give their round table update, several of them reported that they are cautiously optimistic about 2010. One even said that he thought that they had already hit their bottom and were now on their way up. Other comments inlcuded:

"2010 is going to be all about new products"

"2010 should be realtively decent for us"

"We are looking for positive growth once a new Highway Bill is passed"

All in all, the message was pretty positive. And this group isn't one to only report the good. We had many meetings throughout the past two years where layoffs were the topic of discussion. A few members reported today that they will be hiring in 2010.

When I hear good news from the manufacturing community, I take it as a good indication that things are looking up for business in Licking County.

- Posted by Cheri

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