Friday, January 29, 2010

The Lunch

Working on about 3 hours of sleep starts to catch up with you around lunch time. I was starting to feel the effects of it as I was heading to a lunch meeting I was invited to from Patrick Guanciale. He wanted me to meet someone he thought I would enjoy getting to know - Sean Carpenter.

As I sat around the table with the group of engaged Realtors - Patrick, Andrew, Lisa and Sean, the tiredness faded and I truly enjoyed the stories we each shared about our families, the Groundhog Breakfast and yes, social media. We each have blogs and it was interesting to compare how each one utilizes social media.

I also learned how much respect and admiration Patrick, Andrew and Lisa have for Sean. He obviously has made a positive impact on them and I can understand why. He overflows with passion for what he does.

We were missing one guest - Kurt Harden. He was unable to join us, but when I read his recent post about business meals, it prompted me to write this post. I couldn't agree with him more.


Patrick Guanciale said...

It was great we could get together, sleepy and not sleepy. Learn something new every time I am around Sean. Sean gave me the information to scan and email to you.

Patrick Guanciale said...

Sean Carpenter has become an inspiration to many young professionals in our industry and outside too. He is a great listener and can always pull a rabbit out of his briefcase as he did yesterday when we were talking about Google Alert. I will be emailing you the rabbit.

Sean M. Carpenter said...

Cheri - The pleasure was mine. And regardless of what your kids might say, I think you're pretty cool.

Licking County Chamber of Commerce said...

Thanks Sean. At least someone does!!