Monday, January 4, 2010

Why join the Chamber?

I read a very interesting study done in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce Executives. The study asked 2000 adult consumers nationwide questions about Chambers and their members. Interestingly, the results showed that most consumers think that being active in the local chamber is an effective business strategy. But it went on to say that 40% of respondents are more likely to eat at a restaurant that belongs to a chamber, 43% are more likely to use an insurance company that is a member of a chamber, and 63% are more likely to purchase goods from a small business that is a member of a chamber! This says a lot, and goes on to prove that Chamber members are the best of the community and belonging to the Chamber gives our members great "buying power" among consumers and assures them that they are a reputable company to do business with. You may read the entire survey here.

Posted by Jennifer McDonald, Marketing & Communications Director

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