Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Cool AND It's Easy. . .

Check out this exciting, new, first-of-its kind Small Business Goal Setting challenge issued by Staples. Here's how it works:

Now - April 12, small-business professionals will be able to log on to to sign-up for free to be part of the Staples stickK to It! Business Challenge. To help achieve goals, users create a Commitment Contract, a promise by a user to reach a goal. The Commitment Contract concept, based on incentives and accountability, was invented by after years of research in behavioral economics.

“We’ve found that everyone starts off wanting to achieve their goal, but most of the time there is nothing out there to make them stickK to their word,” said Ian Ayers, co-founder of “By entering into a commitment contract, backing out becomes harder – ‘commitment’ and ‘contract’ are two words that resonate with people and keep them committed to achieving their goals.”

Participants choose from five different goal setting focus areas on 1) Get Organized/Increase Productivity; 2) Professional Development; 3) Maximize Your Bottom Line; 4) Green Your Office; and 5) Improve Working Environment. Once they select a focus area, participants select specific commitments and personalize them to best fit their needs and objectives. Next, they choose someone to be their referee- a colleague or friend who will monitor their progress and support them along the way. Then, users will start earning EasyPoints as they make progress and report on their goals and can then redeem the EasyPoints for Staples products and services. The last step is achieving success. If users follow the Commitment Contract framework, as the model has found, they will be well on their way to accomplishing their goals.

Thank you Staples, for helping us to reach our goals!

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