Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've Been Flocked!

Ran home at lunch only to discover these interesting plastic birds perched along my driveway.

First thought: Who did my husband tick off now?

Second thought: What are Kim and Patrick up to now? (see this post to understand what they did to me in December)

Third thought: Is this what kids do these days instead of toilet-papering?

I was wrong on all three guesses.
There was a bright pink letter around one of the flamingo's necks that read:


These flamingos have chosen to nest here to help raise money for the Newark High School After Prom Celebration!

For a small donation ($15) they will migrate to a different nesting spot. You may choose to protect yourself from any future invasion of these pink pests by purchasing "Pink Flamingo Insurance" for $5.

To have them fly to another residence please contact one of the following bird handlers: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Please feel free to designate the flock's next nesting place!

Please make checks payable to NHS After Prom. Thank you!!
I must admit, it is a pretty good way to raise some money.
Wonder where I will send them next????
- Posted by Cheri

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you where to send them. I know a man who was dumped on why not add a flocking to the dumping.......