Monday, February 8, 2010

Leading Under Pressure

Came across this posting regarding how leaders have to deal with pressure internally and externally.

It reminded me of an incident that happened today. A non-member was very unhappy with us (more like angry) and came to give us a piece of her mind. I was in a Board meeting so the staff had to deal with her. By the time I came upstairs, Vicky and Mandy had calmed her down and I was able to have a pleasant conversation with her. She left much more happy than when she came in, partially because she got it off her chest and also because we agreed to work on the problem.

It is important to allow individuals to express their frustration and sometimes anger instead of keeping it inside, or worse, complaining all over town to everyone about a problem you or your company may be dealing with. How you handle the pressure can determine how you are looked upon as a leader of your business.

Found it at Client K.

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