Monday, February 22, 2010

State of the State - Part 2

This is a continuation from my previous post on a new report issued by The Buckeye Institute For Pubic Policy Solutions.

We have heard how bad Ohio is, but what about Licking County? We are fortunate that we have a diverse industry base, which has helped us with our unemployment rate, unlike some other Ohio counties. Some positive things we have going for us are:
  • We are growing. Current population is 157,721, up from 128,300 in 1990 and 145,491 in 2000
  • We have one of the highest median household incomes in the state at $53,757 (rank: 15 out of 88)
  • And we have one of the lowest unemployment rates - 8.9% (rank: 75 out of 88)

I found it interesting, but not surprising that Education and Health Services was our largest growth sector from 2000-2008: +21.8%. A close second was Professional and Bus. Services (+18.4%). Leisure and Hospitality had an increase of 11.7% and Construction grew by 9.4%.

We lost the most jobs in the manufacturing area, with a decline of -22.3%, compared to the overall state loss of -26.3%. Our second worst performance was in Financial Activities, with a decrease of -11.8% vs. the state average of -4.2%.

As a general overview, Licking County had an overall -.4% job loss, while at the same time saw a +15.0% increase in government jobs.

Growing employment numbers is a good thing, but growing government is not.

To get the complete report, you can download it at: (FYI - It is a large file)

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