Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Are "Normal"

Today is the last day we will have our intern with us - LyndaSue Keener. She has been with us since January and has put in 189 hours.

She has done an excellent job with every project we have given her. We celebrated this morning with a staff breakfast (we always like a reason for Mandy to make her Monkey Bread) and I asked LyndaSue which project she liked the best and she said helping set up and attending the Annual Groundhog Breakfast. She said she wanted to come to it for the last 20 years!

I also asked her what she learned while working at the Chamber. She said that we (staff and the business people she has met) are "normal". I chuckled and asked her to explain her answer and she said that the perception from college is that business people are "stuffy" and act better than the rest of the world, but she found that to be false. She said "you guys watch T.V. just like the rest of us".

Thanks LyndaSue for all of your hard work over the past three months. Will will miss you.


Patrick Guanciale said...

Good job! Just don't come for the breakfast next February, come the day before to help set up, you are a good worker.

Vicky said...

What will we do without LyndaSue...I will miss your hard work and spirit.