Friday, June 25, 2010

Did You Know. . .

. . . these things about the businesses in Licking County?

  • Licking County is an economic powerhouse. Licking County hosts Central Ohio's largest manufacturing corridor with 11 million s.f. of buildings, 1,000+ acres, rail/inter modal, manufacturing-oriented, capacity for growth, and four of Central Ohio's 25 largest industrial parks.
  • Licking County is a haven for the advanced materials industry in Ohio. In an area defined by I-70, SR 16, SR37 and SR79 is a diverse presence of the advanced materials industry with polymers, steel, aluminum, micro electronics, wood, ag/bio, organics, food, foam, silicon and other advanced processes.
  • Licking County is where many global products are born. Product development for next generation manufactured goods is found in abundance here. Owens Corning, Momentive Performance Materials, Bayer MaterialScience, Holophane, Boeing, Goodrich and Screen Machine are among the companies that are engineering and producing next generation products in facilities found in Licking County.
  • Many unique-to-the-world capabilities are found in Licking County's backyard. Kaiser aluminum's plant in Heath has the only hot roll aluminum process in the world. Boeing's AWACS-ESM anechoic chamber is one-of-a-kind. NATO tried to duplicate it once and couldn't. Samuel Manu-Tech has North America's only heat treat line that uses bizmuth to anneal steel instead of lead.
  • Licking County has defied the axiom that people won't relocate from the sun belt to the so-called rust belt. Boeing moved a workload from Dallas, TX. They have also attracted key leadership from California and Georgia.

For those who live and work here, this should make you stand taller. For those who don't - why don't you?

Thanks Rick.

--Posted by Cheri

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