Thursday, July 8, 2010

6 EthicalEnterprising Principals

According to an article by the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, EthicalEnterprising is "the term which describes organizations that are both led according to the highest standards of character ethics and managed with the highest competency practices, on a self-regulatory basis."

Here are the six TRUST! principals of EthicalEnterprising:

  1. Transformation at the "Top" - Leaders are reflective and intentionally work to increase manifestations of their own high character in the culture.
  2. Reinforce and Build - Leaders reinforce and build a culture of high character ethics.
  3. Unite the Team - Leaders unify the organization around a clear purpose and compelling convictions.
  4. Steer Performance - Leaders guide organizational performance by implementing high competency management practices.
  5. Treasure People - Leaders prize the intrinsic value of people.
  6. Enthusiastically Give Back! - Leaders generously support the community that supports them.

Want more information on this? Call the BBB at 614-486-6531, ext. 133 or 1-800-759-2400.

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