Monday, August 2, 2010

Have A Complaint?

A note from Ohio Attorney General's Office:

Just like individual consumers, small businesses experience advertising misrepresentations, billing disputes, unauthorized charges, shoddy workmanship and poorly performed services. And now, businesses can turn to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for help, too.

For the first time since it came into being 40 years ago, the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection section is accepting complaints from small businesses and non-profits who are being ripped off by scams or who are being treated unfairly in business transactions. In the year since we launched this service, we have responded to over 1,200 complaints to help small businesses and non-profits get their money back or otherwise rectify injustices done to them. Total recovery of funds in these matters so far is over $115,000.

For more information, call Karen Gasper, the State Public Affairs & Outreach Director, at (614) 728-5432 or email her at You may also visit for more information.

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