Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Campaign For Jobs

A message from the Ohio Chamber:

Following a seismic election last fall in which voters told their elected officials “we need jobs and we need them now” the Ohio Chamber today launched the Campaign for Jobs. Built on a ten plank platform of reforming state and local government, reducing business costs, transforming our state and local tax climate and improving our infrastructure – among others – the Campaign will be aggressive and innovative.

Thanks to all of your hard work on so many legislative issues in the past, we can build on what we’ve created and take on this bold initiative. As the linchpin to our current advocacy efforts, you will play an important role in the success of the Campaign for Jobs. Policy makers have a real opportunity – starting now – to Make Ohio Great Again and your feedback will help make it possible.

Just like a traditional campaign, the Campaign for Jobs has a significant grassroots component and a Web site to support it; There you will find information about the campaign, the agenda the Ohio Chamber will be pursuing and opportunities to get involved.

Thank you again for what we’ve accomplished together. Now I urge you to join the Campaign for Jobs and help Make Ohio Great Again!

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