Thursday, January 6, 2011

Health Care Repeal Underway

Today I participated in a conference call with the US Chamber regarding the initiative to repeal the Health Care Bill previous passed.

Next Wednesday, January 12th, HB 2 -a Bill to repeal the Health Care Reform Bill, will be voted on in the House of Representatives. This vote is an up or down vote, no amendments allowed.

Due to the large number of freshman congressmen who campaigned on repealing the Health Care Bill, support for this bill is strong. And interestingly enough, it is only two pages long.

HR 144 will also be voted on next week. This is a Resolution to repeal the 1099 reporting requirements which were snuck into the Health Care Reform Bill. There are 108 co-sponsors of this Bill and it also has strong support.

I am pleased to report that Congressman Pat Tiberi (12th District) not only supports HB 2 and HR 144, but is a co-sponsor of both.

I haven't heard back from Congressman Bob Gibb's (18th District) office yet, but will update this blog when I do.

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