Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pick Up The Phone

I don't like to use this blog as a platform to rant, but there is a lesson to be learned today.

I recently ended a relationship with a vendor for a variety of reasons.  I do like the company, but it just wasn't providing what we needed any longer.  When I made the decision to stop using them, I picked up the phone and called them.  I didn't want to just send a letter or an email.  That seemed cold.  I left messages with two different people.  The messages just said that I needed to speak with them about our account.  I didn't want to "break-up" with them via voice mail either.

Two weeks went by and no return calls.  At that point, I sent them a letter, stating that I would have liked to talked with them before sending the letter, but no one returned my calls, etc. and explained that we would no longer be doing business with them and outlined my reasons why.

After another week or so, I received an email from the President of the company asking for me to reconsider my decision.  Wouldn't you think that after I complained about not receiving a return call, and if my account was that important to him, he would have picked up the phone and called me?  Seriously. 

Email has its place.  It can be very efficient.  But if something is truly important to you, pick up the phone and have a live conversation.  It really does make a difference.

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