Thursday, October 13, 2011

Redistricting Maps

From the Ohio Chamber. . .

Federal law requires each state to redraw its Congressional districts every ten years so that each of the 435 members of Congress represents roughly the same number of people. This year, because Ohio’s population has lagged behind other states, Ohio finds itself drawing 16 districts, down from the 18 it previously had. Because Ohio is losing two seats, the combining of districts was inevitable. In northern Ohio, Democratic incumbents Marcy Kaptur of Toledo and Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland now find themselves in the same district. In west-central Ohio, Republicans Steve Austria of Beavercreek and Mike Turner of Dayton will presumably face off in a primary. Also, because of the creation of a new district that contains most of the city of Columbus, Democrat Betty Sutton and Republican Jim Renacci are also now in the same district in northeastern Ohio. To see the new map, click here.

State General Assembly districts are also subject to reapportionment to ensure that each district has roughly the same population. A five member panel, known as the Reapportionment Board and made up of the governor, secretary of state, auditor of state, a legislative Democrat and a legislative Republican, is responsible for the new state legislature maps. To see the new House map, click here. To see the new Senate map, click here.

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