Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Inspired in 2012!

Webster defines inspiration as a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation. This year’s Groundhog Breakfast speaker, Sean Swarner knows the meaning well. He has broken through defined human limitation in order to redefine the way the world views success.

Sean was diagnosed with two completely different types of cancer, once at the age of 13 and again at 16 when he was given fourteen days to live and read his last rights. He astounded the medical community when he survived both these brutal diseases and a medical-induced coma. Sean realized that after defeating cancer twice, no challenge would ever be too great or any peak too high.

Sean proved his theory when he crested the peak of the highest point in the world (Mount Everest) with only partial use of his lungs. As the first cancer survivor to do so, Sean decided to continue climbing and has since topped the highest peaks in Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, Antarctica, and North America.

Swarner is living proof that despite the worst prognosis, there is hope for cancer patients and their families.
“Frankly I don’t know why I’m alive,” Swarner says. “But I’m incredibly grateful for the life I have. Somehow I found the inner will to get up and out of that hospital bed. My message is that people should really enjoy every moment they’ve been given. You have one chance-make the most of it.”

Sean’s story will take you on a journey that is not only inspiring, but offers a message of hope that taps into that motivational adrenaline rush that runs through all of us. Sean reveals a life of limitless possibility as he details the seemingly impossible boundaries he has conquered, battles he has fought, and peaks he has climbed; all motivated by an astonishing inner strength and super-human like physical endurance.  Step into Sean’s world and venture back into your own life believing not only in the durability and strength of the
human condition, but you will believe in yourself, your own strength and your own ability to achieve anything.

If you only attend one Chamber event this year, this is the ONE you won’t want to miss. The Groundhog Breakfast will be held on Friday, February 3.  Click here to make your reservation now and get ready to be inspired! For information on Sean Swarner log onto www.seanswarner.com.

Posted by:  Jennifer McDonald

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