Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great Results With Our Leadership Program

Yesterday was Graduation Day for our 2012 Community Leadership Class. I asked the participants to evaluate the 9-month program and here are some of their responses to the question How has your view of leadership changed? "I feel that I can learn a lot more about anything by just getting involved." "Leadsrship is what you do everyday, not just something you do when you are in a traditional leadership role." "I am stronger and a more confident leader. I do not see leadership as quite as challenging as before." "I feel much more inspired and confident to seek out leadership opportunities in this area." "That I am capable of being one." "I have learned the importance of actively participating and being present and happy in your work." "That you don't have to be in a high level position to be a leader." It's a great feeling when you have helped people grow and become more confident in themselves. We are now beginning to recruit for the 2012-2013 class. There are a limited number of spots and will be filled on a first come basis. Cost for the 9-month program is $700.00 If you would like more information on this wonderful program, please call me at 740.345.9757 ext. 5 or send me an email to

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