Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Loving What You Do. . .

. . .Changes Everything.

I liked this post so much that I am going to re-blog it here.  It was written by one of our newest members, Mark Bebout, and can be found on his blog, How To Buy Your Next Job.


I'm a huge believer in the old saying "Choose a job you love, and you
will never have to work a day in your life" and I preach this message
to people everywhere because I believe in it so much. However, I
also like to follow it up with a warning because while I love the spirit
 of the saying, it doesn't mean that you won't actually have to do work.
 That just because you find and buy a business that you love, it
 certainly does not mean that you will never have to do the tough,
boring, ridiculous, or menial tasks that you find a waste of time
simply because you now own the business.
The fact of the matter is that when you are the owner of a business,
these tasks take on much more significant meaning. Though they
are still boring or menial, your perception of them changes because
you now have the entire picture of what your business is trying to
accomplish. In other words, sweeping and mopping the lobby floor
of your business means that you are committed to created a clean
environment for your customers, which leaves a good impression on
them and can help build a more profitable business. Doing that same
task in a job can just seem like cruel punishment from your boss!
When you are in a job for someone else and your supervisor gives you
a task that needs completed, maybe it is a report that needs researched
and written by the end of the week, you have a very "micro-view" of that
report. To you, it is so easily viewed as just a report on a computer 
screen, but the chances are pretty good that in most cases, that report 
will serve a larger purpose that will ultimately serve the business in the 
bigger picture. Unless you have a demon-boss who just likes to issue 
tasks with no purpose in them other than to make you miserable, 
these seemingly menial or boring tasks are usually needed, but hated 
ones because of your view of them.  When you become the owner of 
the business, these tasks do not go away, in fact they may multiply, but 
what really changes is your attitude about them, and your attitude is what
 turns a dull and menial task into something that you value and appreciate
doing! As the business owner, now you have a "macro-view" of your work
and you are much more connected to the results of the work, naturally making
you more invested in the outcome.
So it all comes down to your attitude. Though the day-to-day work in owning
your own business may look a lot like what you see in a job, if you love
your business you truly will never work a day in your life. Get out there and
get to work!
  - Mark

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