Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chamber Issues Endorsements

The Board of Directors for the Licking County Chamber of Commerce recently voted to endorse the following community levies appearing on the November 4 ballot:

Licking County Library - This is a 1 mill continuing operating levy (renewal).  The first ever operating levy was put on the ballot on May 4, 2010 and passed by 51%.  It was a 1 mill, 5-year levy. The proposed use will be to maintain public library services at all six locations including:  Main Library, Buckeye Lake, Hebron, Emerson R. Miller (west Newark), Mary E. Babcock (Johnstown), Hervey Memorial (Utica) as well as the bookmobile.  The passage of a continuing levy will provide stable long-term funding for the Licking County Library.  

Citizens for Seniors - This is a 1.2 mill, 5-year renewal levy.  The first senior services levy was passed in 1985.  The issue has appeared on the ballot 8 times and has passed each time.  The most recent issue was on the ballot in 2009 and passed with 54.4% of the vote.  Funds from this levy must be used for providing or maintaining senior citizens services or facilities.  The 2010 census showed that 19.8% of Licking County's population was age 60 or older.  The 2020 projections show that rising to 23%.  Approximately 8,000 seniors are provided with service from the Aging Program in Licking County each year.  The Aging Program currently provides 1,000 meals to seniors each day.

Citizens for Children Services - This is a 1 mill, 10-year, replacement levy.  The children services levy was first passed as a 1 mill levy in 1985 for a ten-year period.  In both 1995 and 2004, a 1 mill replacement levy was passed by voters for another 10 years.  In 2013, 1,937 reports of abuse and neglect involving more than 3,000 children occurred in Licking County.  Funds are utilized to assist in the direct care of abused and neglected children by providing funds for children in foster care, aids in adoption services and supportive services such as assistance with shelter and health services.

The Chamber Board of Directors urges you to support these vital community issues by voting YES on November 4, 2014.

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