Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Licking County Safety Council Among Top in State

Once again, the Licking County Safety Council took one of the top prizes yesterday at the Safety Council Managers Meeting.  

Vicky Crist, pictured here, brought home the hardware, receiving the 2014 Third Place Award out of 83 Safety Councils across the state.

The Licking County Safety Council has 165 members and are lead by the following Steering Committee/Officers:
  • Jerry Armstrong, Owens Corning Science & Technology Center
  • Rhonda Church, Ohio BWC
  • Michael Coates, Ohio BWC
  • Vicky Crist, Licking County Chamber of Commerce
  • Louise Decker, Licking County Board of DD
  • Jan Downey, Signature Occupational Health
  • Jerry Frazee, Sunfield
  • John Lutz, Newark Digital Academy
  • Steve Melroy, Tectum Inc.
  • Ed Nutter, City of Newark
  • Mary Lou Rauch, Bayer MaterialScience

Minimum eligibility requirements for consideration:
  •  Representation at previous year’s annual safety council managers conference
  •  Host at least 12 meetings and/or special events
  •  Average meeting attendance of 80% of membership* or higher
  •  Submission of previous year semi-annual reports* by more than 75% of membership
*Membership count and submission of semi‐annual reports as of mid‐February

After minimum eligibility requirements are met, safety councils in the highest attendance percentage percentile become finalists for the award. Finalists are invited to submit an annual summary of highlights for consideration in the scoring process. Submission of this summary is optional and is not a pre-requisite to earn an award.

The ‘Safety Council of the Year’ award is evaluated in two components:
  • Member participation / quantitative
  • Safety council performance / qualitative
1. Member participation (0-60 points)
  • Safety council’s attendance percentage is ranked in comparison to that of all other safety councils based on a percentile range
  • Growth in meeting attendance (0 or 3 points)
  • Growth in membership from previous year (0 or 3 points)
  • Retention of same number of members from previous year (0 or 3 points)
2. Safety council performance (0-40 points)
  • Number of meetings and/or special events (0-5 point scale)
  • Reporting accuracy and timeliness (0-5 point scale)
  • Monthly meeting evaluations and sign in sheets and data entry of semi-annual report data
  • Communication (0-15 point scale)
  • Meeting notice criteria met, newsletter, effective use of website, use of e-mail, promotion of occupational safety and health issues to general business community, promotion of BWC services, partnering with other safety councils, brochures, etc.
  • Special events (0-10 point scale)
  • Seminars, safety day, exhibits, CEO event, etc.
  • Extracurricular (0-5 point scale)
  • Scholarships, civic activities, business expo involvement, charitable contributions to community safety, etc.
Congratulations, once again, for making Licking County proud!

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