Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Has the "Green" Bug Caught You?

At the Chamber's Manufacturer's Council meeting today, Mr. Rick Orr with C-TEC gave an overview of the Green concept many companies are implementing or thinking about implementing in their workplace. C-TEC is the only public school in Ohio (excluding universities) that has their certification of being a Green facility. Mr. Orr did an excellent job of talking about why this is necessary. Basically, it comes down to efficiency and durability. And you must have complete "Buy In" from the top down. You can begin by something as simple as recycling paper or cardboard. He suggested taking small steps; not giant leaps. The fact is that it really doesn't cost more for a company to be responsible in this area. In fact, they have seen a reduction in many different areas across their bottom line. For more information on how to start going Green, contact Rick
at 740.364.2708 or

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