Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Colors that Make You Mad

I heard an interesting line today when listening to a presentation. The presenter said "Look around - we don't have any colors here that "make you mad". As one who likes to paint the walls at home, it sparked my interest. Have you thought about what the interior of your facility says to your employees? It seems paint color can have an impact on attitude. Here is a listing from

  • Black – authority, discipline, strength and promotes independence.
  • Blue – cool, refreshing, relaxing, and promotes feelings of tranquility and peace.
  • Green – balance, refreshing, normalizing, and promotes emotional growth.
  • Orange – cheerful, commanding, and stimulates goodwill, conversation and appetites.
  • Pink – calming, accepting, and encourages affection and socialization.
  • Purple – comforting, spiritual, and generates mystery and a good sense of intuition.
  • Red – empowerment, stimulation, drama, competition and passion.
  • White – purification, energy, unity and gives vigor to other colors it is used in combination with.
  • Yellow – cheerful, expanding, and increases energy.

There you have it.

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