Monday, July 7, 2008


I have always been a big believer on celebrating milestones along the way to the final goal. I wrote about this very subject in the March edition of Actionotes, when we reached a membership number of 690 - exactly 200 more members than when I became President of the Chamber in September of 2004.

Today I signed up member number 701 and crossed the 700 member milestone. It feels pretty good. Keep in mind that this is a net number - which includes the dropped/canceled members as well. The growth in the Chamber, I believe, is due to a couple of key factors. 1 - we listened to the membership and created events/programs based on what the needs are; and 2 - we have become more involved in advocacy and have represented our membership on numerous issues to local, state and federal officials. Even better is that they have now started to seek our opinion before passing legislation.

Now that is a milestone to proud of!

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